Captured tanks ,armor and other military items in the IDF

נשק שלל בשרות צה"ל
Syrian T62 captured in East Lebanon during 1982 Lebanon War
B T R 152

B T R 152
Jordanian Centurion tank captured during the Six Days War 1967

Syrian T 55 with mine roller

Syrian T 62 captured during 1982 Lebanon war

Mig 17 captured in Egypt 1973

Syrian Gazzel Helicopter captured during 1982 war in Lebanon

Captured Jordanian vehicles in a raid by the IDF

Egyptian : K-61 on the right, PTS on the left captured during 1973

Zil 157 Katyusha rocket launcher captured during 6 days war

Syrian army Panzer 4 tank captured in Six Days War

A.M.X VCI apc captured from Lebnese army 1982

BTR 152

"Kadesh" 1956 Sinai war anti tank canon captured from Egyptian army

Captured "Shemel" soviet rocket on soviet Gaz

Jordanian M 47 captured in the west bank 1967 "real time" pictures

Z.S.U 23 X 4 Anti aircraft captured from Syrian in the Golan 1973

Syrian B.M.P 1 Captured in Lebanon 1982 war

P T 76
Egyptian truck Magirus Deutz

1967 Captures from Syria

Jordanian M48 Patton captured in the west bank 1967

Jordanian M48 Patton captured in the west bank 1967

Gaz 69

PT 76 in the IDF service during Yom Kippur War 1973

M 47 Jordan Army captured in 1967

Me  with the Syrian T 62
B M P 1

Bridge track

T 55 IN Sinai

Captured T 62 Syrian army in 1982 east Lebanon

Egyptian armored bridge captured in the Suez canal

"Sagger" anti tank weapon on BRDM - captured in Egypt 1973

T 62 captured in Egypt 1973

BTR 152

M1938 122 mm gun captured in Sinai During Yom Kippur War 1973

Patton M 47 captured from the jordanian army 1967

Mi 8

An Egyptian Mi 8 helicopter captured while on a raid to the Israeli side during Yom Kippur War on the 16 October 1973 near Ras Sudar. The helicopter full with commando soldiers had a bad landing breaking the front gear. The pilot got killed while going out to check the landing gear, his co pilot and other soldiers run away from the site leaving the motor on.The helicopter brought to IAF base of Refidim (Bir Gafgaffa)in Sinai by an Israeli pilot with the help of an Eygptian pilot (pow)

Personal weopon captured during 1982 Lebanon war

1982 PLO anti air gun

Captured P.L.O gun in Lebanon 1982

Archer  tank -Egyptian army
Z S U  4 23

T 62 in the Golan 1973

T62 Syrian Army captured during 1982 Lebanon war

Stalin tank

Captured SU 100 in Sinai 1956 war
B R D M with Sagger anti tank weopon

 SAM 2 Anti aircraft

M 47 Patton Jordanian army 1967 captured in the west bank


T 55

B T R 152

T 100 Eygept on T 34 chassis

D 30 Howitzer on T34 chassis

BTR 60
T 34 Command platform

Vickers Mk VI light tank.

B M P 1
 B T R 50

3 SU 100 and a T 34 captured in Sinai 1967

2 Syrian Mig 17 landed by mistake in northern Israel "Bezzet" air strip
(a former British RAF Air field )
The pilots were in a routine flight and after navigation mistake landed in Israel.
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  1. william snider11/11/09

    I wonder if there are any pics out there of Captured ZIL-151 Trucks in Isreali Serivce that i would really like to see

  2. Andrej20/11/09

    Interestig truck vyscels Yugoslav prouction TAM 5000 who yugoslavia sold Egipt during 1960. In tis picuters  

  3. Andrej Mlakar15/2/10

    Many of this captured wepons during Israel-Araic wars on the Egipt army Yugoslav donided. This picuters proow this argument. Rocket anti tank veseels ar from Yugolsavia.

  4. This is a very informative website and the photos are excellent. I found an error, however: the captured Egyptian tank identified as a "Renault" was in fact a British-built Vickers Mk VI light tank.

  5. Przemem20/3/16

    I have a question - how many T-34-85 tanks were captured by Israeli forces in 1956 and 1967? And how many entered the service with Israeli forces?

  6. No T34 were used by the IDF but as
    Buried canons in bunkers and settelments

  7. No T34 were used by the IDF but as
    Buried canons in bunkers and settelments

  8. Anonymous22/2/17

    Does anyone know the model of helicopter used to rescue wounded Israeli soldiers during the Yom Kippur War? They flew in at treetop level 24/7 and landed at a hospital in Tiberius in the parking lot. I was there giving blood in the lobby as they rushed casualties past me on gurneys. I want to write my memoirs of the war.

  9. A brilliant collection of photo's here, it's good to see a bit of history in such detail.

    Could you confirm for me if the IDF used Standard Centurions in the 6 day war, as I can't find reliable information on the matter.

    I weren't sure if they were upgraded with the 105's prior to this war, I know the engine upgrades were made around the time prior to 73 and in the 80's.

    I'm asking as I'm getting into 3d modeling using computers and I'm producing equipment used by Israel throughout its history as a nation, and I have a great respect for the Israelis and what they have come through throughout their existence as a nation.


IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

1967 arab propaganda

1967 arab propaganda
Israel must be strong