Valley of tears-Golan-1973 Yom Kippur war

עמק הבכא במלחמת יום כיפור 1973-המצגת של עוזי טאובר

Destroyed Syrian T 62 tanks
Syrian T 55 days after the Yom Kippur War
Syrian armor
Syrian BTR 60
Syrian T 55
Syrian BTR 50

Syrian anti aircraft unit in the Valley of Tears
Syrian trucks

Syrian armor after the war in the valley of tears

Valley of Tears

At Emek Habacha )”Valley of Tears“( October 9, 1973 Yom Kippur Eve 2005 – 5766 Please read patiently Adjust volume Click to proceed .Photographed, written and preparation of presentation by Uzi Tauber .Music: “Let it be”, music and lyrics by Naomi Shemer, performed by Shuly Nathan Translation to English: Ronit Ariely Melamed ,Dear Viewer As Yom Kippur approaches, I wish to share .with you my personal experience I took part in the 1973 War as a fighter in a tank company, M Company, under the command of Amnon Lavi, in the framework of the 77th “Oz” Regiment commanded by Avigdor Kahalani, belonging to the 7th .Brigade, commanded by Yanosh Ben-Gal The battle was held for 4 days opposite a valley that was the primary penetration axis for .the Syrians The climax of the battle was on the fourth day, .October 9, 1973 Over time, we began to call the place “the .“Valley of Tears Photograph: Internet We were young and flushed with the zeal of a mission, when we, the troops of the 77th Regiment of the 7th Brigade, ascended into the Golan Heights under the cover .)of darkness )on September 1973 The Sea of Galilee lay before us like a turquoise eye peering through the carpet of .fields and settlements in the valley .In the background, the Galilee mountain range towered above us .The valley slept – the residents peaceful and safe. There was no tension in the air That was my first encounter of the Golan Heights. The prehistoric panorama of black basalt - volcanic rock, thorns, ruins, days of heat and cold, mosquitoes and fires. The Golan Heights, a country of transition, a country of nomads – the defensive wall for the .State of Israel October 6, 1973. Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, 1:50 pm. At once the volcanic hills were completely covered with deadly fire and pillars of black smoke. Four Syrian “Sukhoi” airplanes suddenly appeared in the sky, and bombed the “Nafah” military HQ .camp .We were deployed in the field, under camouflage nets Indescribable fear – the war had begun. I, belonging to a generation that grew up inspired by the heroic myth of the 6 Day War, who went to the army ready to fight, .…found myself shaking and trembling In the background, an anti-tank ditch intended to constitute an .obstacle for enemy tanks My gunner and I )in the center) two .days after the war .Nothing of what happened at that time hinted at what was to follow We quickly removed the camouflage nets from the tank and speeded .to perform our mission – blocking the storming Syrian enemy The Memorial Monument to the 77th Regiment soldiers who fell, Valley of Tears For three nights and three days, the desperate blocking battles raged. Hundreds of enemy tanks flooded the penetration axis from every direction. Our tanks were hit, scores of fighters and friends were killed. Israeli soldiers were found .wandering about, shell-shocked The Syrians devoted a primary effort to take the axis leading from the Hermonit .)Valley of Tears) approaching Bnot Yaakov bridge And that is where we found ourselves, the remnants of the 77th Regiment )“Oz”), .commanded by Avigdor Kahalani .My tank crew on a tank )of a Light Tank model) that survived the war .A view of Kibbutz Marom Golan from Mt. Bental Syrians And thus, on Wednesday morning, October 9, 1973, we identified a large and long column of about 70 enemy tanks, moving under the .cover of artillery towards the penetration axis .Only four able tanks from M Company were there to face them .The rest of the Regiment tanks were on other missions Despite the deadly barrages of the Syrian artillery, we hastened to seize the positions of control. Suddenly we spotted several enemy tanks that had passed us, and were on their way to Kibbutz Elrom ……and the main axis. Their way was clear .What happened over the next hour cannot be described in words The killing fields of Kibbutz Elrom, the place where the battle raged. In the background the “booster” .range Nowhere did we learn what hell was. In no military exercise were we taught to shoot enemy tanks at ranges of 5-10 meters. I never imagined that I would be forced to run over fleeing enemy soldiers under my tank tracks. I had never before experienced the loss of .a friend in war An eastern view of “Valley of Tears” * .from the Monument In the horizon, the volcanic hills of the * Syrian enclave and the Syrian village of .Han Arnava The battle that developed on the fields of Kibbutz Elrom, at the foot of the Hermonit, on the threshold of the valley, was a life or death battle. It was the war of the individual tank. Not a war of armor, not one of controlled shooting, not an exercise nor .reconnaissance. Shooting in a “draw”, in movement, and shooting in 360 degrees The destruction of an enemy tank, mixed with a terrible trauma. The ability to see the .frightened expression of the Syrian tank commander, the eye of the Syrian gunner The ability to hear our shouts, stress and terror broadcast over the means of .communication .The doctrine of the Tank Corps did not educate us to hold these kinds of battles .We thought that war could not look like this .…No…. and they never talked to us about emotions either At the “Oz” Monument, the remnants of a T-62 Syrian tank * .Scores of enemy tanks were destroyed at the Valley of Tears * And then, after half an hour, as the battle waned, when the remaining Regiment tanks joined us, we saw the enormity of the battle, the power of the fighting, the significance of the blocking and the heroism and .the valley strewn with hundreds of smoldering enemy tanks .…We then began to count our losses In time, we erected the Memorial Monument for the 77th Regiment .here, at the place where the Syrian enemy was blocked My tank crew, Tank * .1 of M Company From right, Avi the * gunner, Noah the commander, Uzi the driver and Nir, the communications .loader Please, visit the heroic monument of the 77th “Oz” Regiment, opposite the entrance to Kibbutz Elrom. Please remember the young people who lived and .loved, laughed and teased, who fought and were destroyed in the hell of war .Remember their bravery May Yom Kippur be a day of eternal memory for the destruction of the safe, complacent and patronizing Israel. May Yom Kippur be a day of soul searching, on .…what we were, and what became of us Uzi Tauber

The Valley of Tears - Emek HaBakha is the name given to an area in the Golan Heights after it became the site of a major battle in the Yom Kippur War. On 6 October, 1973 the Syrian 7th Infantry Division attacked the Israeli 7th Armored Brigade in the area between Mount Hermonit and a southern ridge known as "Booster" in Israel, or Tel el Mekhafi in Arabic.

The Syrians started the offensive with an artillery barrage, but failed to move tanks across the anti-tank ditch. They penetrated the Israeli defenses at night with the help of night vision equipment—equipment that the Israelis lacked. The next day, the Syrians mounted a second attack, and at one point in the engagement less than forty Israeli tanks were facing approximately 500 Syrian tanks.

On the fourth day, the 7th Brigade received a small reinforcement force when it was down to about a dozen tanks and almost out of ammunition and turned the battle
to offensive against the Syrians.

A presentation by Mr. Uzi Tauber tank driver in the 7th' Brigade in 1973 Yom Kippur
War.Took part in the Valley of tears battle.
Today Uzi is an expert Tourists guide in Israel and around the world,
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IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

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