Destroyed tanks armor and military items

טנקים ורק"מ מושמדים
2 Syrian T62 in Lebanon 1982

Syrian T 62 in Lebanon 1982

Egypiian T 55
Egyptian helicopter in Sinai during the Yom Kippur War

Egyptian "El Wallid" APC in Sinai 1967 Six Days War

Jordanian 106 mm gun on a jeep - 6 Days War

Jordanian M-52 105mm Self-propelled Howitzer

Egyptian tank 1967

Syrian BRDM
Egyptian T 55

T 55 Egyptian army

Egyptian T 62 hit in Sinai 1973

Syrian T 62 in 1982 Lebanon

Me on a T55 in Sinai

Egyptian truck Six Days War 1967


Egyptian army JS 3 Stalin tank in the 6 days war in Sinai

T 34 in the Sinai

2 Syrian T 55 in the Golan 1973
Egyptian truck hit in the 1973 Yom Kuppur War

An Egyptian Sherman 1967

T 55 in Sinai 1973 Yom Kippur War

T 34 in the south of the Golan

Syrian T 55 in the Golan 1973

S A M 2 Anti aircraft missile in Sinai 1973

T 55 in Sinai

Syrian T55 on the Golan 1973

Jordanian M3 in the west bank during 6 days war(I stand in the right) 

T 34 in Sinai 1967

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  1. Andrej Mlakar9/2/10

    Interesting picuters destroyed egiptian tanks and armor vasicel. Thank you for exselent picuters.Many of this destroyed tanks T-55 during the Yom Kipu war 1973 is cezeslovakian, wwho was in Yugoslav people army in the 1960. President Tito tis tanks afteer briliant Israely victory in the Third Israel-Arabic war send this tanks and armore vasicle BTR-50 Egipt. This tanks before arrived ship in Cairo they have paint in the desert colure in remont birgade who locadet now on the Slovenian- Croat border. Small town Bregana.
    Best wishes Uri, an many interesting picuters
    Andrej Mlakar Belgrade Serbia


IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

1967 arab propaganda

1967 arab propaganda
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