IDF Parade history 1948-1973

הסטוריה של המצעדים הצבאים של צה"ל בכל הזמנים

Yakov Dori IDF chife of staff 1949 parade

Marmon Harrington mk 4 1949 Tel Aviv

Navy 1949

Captured Egyptian Archer tanks from 1956 'Kadesh" war 1956 in Tel Aviv 1957 parade
1968 Parade in Jerusalem

First IDF military parade in Tel Aviv 1949

1949 parade

Tel Aviv 1952

1973 Jerusalem

The Israel Defense Forces parade was an event during the first 25 years of the State of Israel's existence to celebrate its military might. It was cancelled after 1973 due to financial concerns.

The first IDF parade took place during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, on July 27, 1948, on Allenby Street and Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv.

The second parade took place in 1949, on Israel's first independence day, in Tel Aviv. It failed in the process because the overenthusiastic crowd burst into the parade ground. It was nicknamed "The parade that did not march".

Starting with the third parade in 1950, annual parades were held on the country's independence day, ending in 1968. Citing financial concerns, it was then decided that the parade should only be held on special occasions. The last IDF parade thus took place in 1973, on Israel's 25th birthday.

The Israel Defense Forces still has weapon exhibitions country-wide on Independence Day, but they are stationary and have a limited scale.




On the independence day of the state of Israel the IDF parade took place in Haifa
Marching from south to north from where "Dado" beach is today to Haifa downtown
near the port.
Prime minister David Ben Gurion and the chief of staff of the IDF Maklef were saluting the military parade


1968 parade in Jerusalem

1966 IDF Parade in Haifa

1968 IDF parade in Jerusalem

1967 parade one month peior to the Six Days War


  1. Anonymous31/7/08

    I'm a fan of IDF history and tank modelling and I find your Sherman images really interesting! By the way, were Israeli M1 Supershermans fitted with smoke dischargers during 1956 war? I decided to build a model of Israeli M1 used during the crisis of Suez, but I haven't got may photos of this subject...:)

  2. I will try to get you a photo from 1956

  3. Anonymous29/8/08

    Thank you, well, I've actually got the fine Israeli Sherman book by Thomas Gannon, but there are only few pics of these tanks in the 1956 crisis! If you could find some detailed photo of this subject it would be nice! ;)

  4. Anonymous1/9/08

    Tell me a thing, Uri, what is the song of this blog about? Unfortunately I don't know Hebrew language, but I'd like to learn it..
    P.S. According to the book of Gannon, the only true IDF M1 Supershermans are M4A1 or M4A3 armed with the 76 mm gun M1A1 or M1A2

  5. hi
    the song is about the tank crewman
    and its a love song by
    the miliary armor band its old
    from the 70 s

  6. Anonymous6/9/08

    I see. So, you were a tank crewman. Which tank did you have? A Magach M60, I suppose.
    My duty in the Italian army wasn't so hard, they only kept me in an office doing little, I must say

  7. Marisa6/1/13

    Could you help me to find some photos of Israeli Independece Day Parade 1952 for my father? He served as a soldier during the 1952 year just before his return to Argentina


IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

1967 arab propaganda

1967 arab propaganda
Israel must be strong