IDF 37th Armored Brigade -"Ream" "חטיבת השריון 37 עוצבת "ראם

37th Armored Division was established  on the eve of the Sinai Campaign 1956 . In this operation the brigade was fighting in the Gaza Strip  and in  Umm Katef and Umm Shihane  near Abu Ageila lost 41 of its members including the first commander, Colonel Samuel Galinkea

 In the Six Day War  the brigade was a reserve  unit. On the morning of June 5, 1967 the brigade was ready to stop the attacks  from Syria ,one battalion remained in the north and the rest   moved to Samaria.  One tank battalion brigade with A.M.X 13 tanks  moved south through Taluzi and Tubas, occupied Nablus. The battalion remained in Galilee  with Sherman tanks  joined Golani Brigades   in the battles of  Tel Azziat and  Tel Faher and was first to  enter Kuneitra  in the Golan 
The division lost 27 fighters in battles in Samaria and the Golan Heights.

1973-Late Lieutenant Moshe Keren getting  a special honor medal
Lieutenant Moshe Keren  was a member of the 37th Armored Brigade in the Six Days War
1967 and took part in the battle of Nablus later in the Yom Kippur war he was part of
the 188th Armored Brigade and took part in the battle with the Syrians on the Golan
In one air attack by Syrian planes he shot a syrian jet wit a 0.5 Browning machine gun
For that action and for his dedication to his job repairing the unit tanks during the war
he was given a special medal of honor (in the pic with General Yanosh  Ben Gal)
Moshe was passed away in 1986 may he rest in peace.

The pictures you are about to see were  taken by Moshe Keren in 1967 war in
the area of Nablus in the West Bank during the armored clash with the Jordanian Army

A view on the West Bank Samaria on the way to Nablus

Local residents around  Nablus

37th Brigade force on the road to Nablus

Jordanian M 48 Patton tank and a M 113 hit on the side road

 A group of Jordanian M48 tanks pushed to the side

A Jordanian M 48 Patton tank

A view from IDF A.M.X 13 tank

A Jordanian M48 hit

A Jordanian M48

A unit of the 37th Brigade minutes before entering the battle 1967
A.M.X 13 of the 37th Armored Brigade
. ששת הימים, מפקדת אוג' 36 לאחר קבלת כתב כניעה מראש העיר שכם. דני אגמון  מימין, אורי רום מחט 37, במרכז אלוף פלד ולידו מוסה פלד, רמ"ט האוגדה. 8.6.67
ששת הימים, בכניסה לשכם, מפקד האוגדה אלעד פלד, הרמ"ט מוסא פלד, באמצע דני. 8.6.67

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IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

1967 arab propaganda

1967 arab propaganda
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