IDF and captured tanks and armor in memorial sites and military camps in Israel

טנקים ורכב קרבי משורין באתרי הנצחה ומחנות צה"ל

Patton Magach tank Memorial for 4 cadets in the officers course died in Yom Kippur War

Centurion,Sherman,M3 half truck and captured Jordanian M 47 in Adar Memorial
27th Armored Brigade Memorial
Captured Jordanian M 47 in Adar Memorial site near Jerusalem
T 55 in IDF base
Half truck in the Negev Brigade memorial
3 SU 100 taken in Six Days War ,mow of Kiriat Shemona in the north of Israel
Memorial site in beer Sheva

Shot Kal -Centurion in Shizafon base
Ex Jordanian M47( 6 Days War) in a memorial site in "Dotan" west bank
Centurion in front of Armor School of the 50 -80's (Jullis)
Shot Kal (centurion) in the Golan- 7th brigade memorial site

T62 and Universal carrier in Petach Tikva memorial garden

T34 in Kibbutz Dan (near the Golan)

Kibbutz Degania-a Syrian Renault 35 tank hit in the gate 1948
Sherman and T34 in Latrun Memorial site
Sherman in Latrun Memorial site
T 62 hit in 1973 war in the Golan

Sherman in Tel Aviv

M 22 captured from Egypt in 1948 located in Kibbutz Negba

Since the war of independence in 1948 many memorial sites were built in Israel
and in the border areas close to the battle fields .
I will bring you pictures of memorial sites where armored vehicles are used as part of the site
it can be IDF or captured items and other sites such as military bases or any city or village


  1. Thank you for sharing your information about military stuff preserved as monument.

    Greetings from Poland

  2. Anonymous5/1/12

    great site,keep up the good work,zack in Dublin

  3. Anonymous15/2/12

    Very nice pictures and information. Do you have more about preserved main battle tanks at musea, gateguards, range- and/or battlefield wrecks?

    I keep track of old main battle tanks in a database. If you like to exchange information please let me know.

    panzerdels at

  4. Anonymous1/10/14

    Have seen two of these memorials both of Syrian tanks, the one at Kibbutz Degania from 1948 and the three brightly coloured tanks from 1967 in Kiryat Shmona.

  5. Dale Vlastnik7/12/17

    Thank you for your pictures and information. I had always wondered about those three Russian tanks at Kiriat Shemona. I had seen them from the window of a tour bus on a visit to the Holy Land in 2014. Peace and blessings to you.


IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

1967 arab propaganda

1967 arab propaganda
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