IDF tanks and armor top modeling

מודלים לבניה של טנקים ורכב קרבי משורין של צה"ל

IDF  tanks and armor top modeling

Bill from the USA with his models of the IDF

Tiran 6
Magach Blazer
AMX 13
Half Truck

Captured SAM 2
Centurion Shot Kal
Tow Jeep
Merkava mark 4
Anti aircraft Half Truck


Tiran dozer

Magach M60 Patton



Sherman ambulance

Super sherman

Merkava Mark 4

 Magach M48 a3 Patton

captured Egyptian D30 on T34

A film about the Centurion "Shot Kal" in the service of the IDF Tank Corps

in memory for the reservist tank crew Israel Katz R.I.P


  1. Anonymous17/12/08

    Really very interesting images, well done, Uri!
    Were the Egiptian forces quiet during your tour of duty, or did you have to fight?

  2. paulo1/11/09

    I! m a modeler from brazil - my interest is militaria in 1:35 scale - interested in information about the shermans utilized in six days wars and yom kippur,  specially the  sherman  m-50 and the  m-51  isherman-
    i`am interested specially in shermans of the very early period - m-50 - in shots or pictures of the ones that utilized the french 75 mm guns and if there are pics using the chassis of  the sherman easy - eigth suspention-  is there any phto or pic of one used  without modifications  of the  rear motor- engine  modifications in  the early israreli service???
    do anyone  knows  any site or detailed instrutions  on modelling this  specific tank -
    tnks for  your attention - paulo

  3. Anonymous23/6/10

    Hello! Sorry but my english is very bad. Iam an argentinian modeller and today discover his site. Is exelent all the material that I can see. Un gran saludo. Gustavo Andrade.

  4. Anonymous5/5/13

    Shalom Uri

    Very nice site with many very well made models presented. I'm honored to have my 1;16 IDF Shermans on this site, and especially my Magach conversion from M-48A3 to the A5 version.
    My Ivrit is not yet good enough for the site, but תדאה רבאה
    Bill Campbell

  5. Some pictures were taken from the net if you want credit for your model or picture I would love to so
    please write a comment an I will publish it


IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

IDF Sherman platoon pre 1967

1967 arab propaganda

1967 arab propaganda
Israel must be strong